Lasting Powers of Attorney & Wills

All costs are exclusive of VAT which will be added at the appropriate current rate, together with any fixed disbursements.

Our fees for simple Single and Mirror Wills provided they proceed without complications are as follow:

For Wills & Codicils

  • Fee for a Single Will – £300.00
  • Fee for 2 Mirror Wills – £350.00
  • Fee for a Single Codicil – £120.00
  • Fee for 2 Codicils – £200.00

Fixed Disbursements

  • ID check (if required)(per person) – £5.40
  • Fee for Land Registry Entries for your property (if required) – £3.00

Our fees for Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPA’s”) are as follows:

There are two types of LPA that you can make:

  1. Financial Decisions – enabling your Attorney(s) to make decisions such as paying your bills, collecting your income and benefits, selling your house. If you wish, you can restrict your Attorney’s power or place conditions on what they can do.
  2. Health Decisions – enabling your Attorney(s) to decide where you live, your day-to-day care, your diet or what you wear. You can give your Attorney the power to accept or refuse life-sustaining treatment on your behalf.

Our fees in connection with LPA’s are as follows:

(For a single person)

  • One type of LPA – £400.00
  • Both types of LPA – £500.00

(For a couple)

  • One type of LPA – £600.00
  • Both types of LPA – £800.00

These fees include preparing your Powers of Attorney and advising you on the same, attending upon you to arrange execution and arrange for your attorneys to execute them and applying to register the LPA’s on your behalf.

Certificate Provider – Our fees also include us acting as a Certificate Provider for you if required provided that we have no concerns over your mental capacity.

Please note, however, that in the event a professional expert Certificate Provider is required then there will be additional disbursements payable to a third party.

Fixed Disbursements
Office of the Public Guardian fee to register each LPA – £82 per LPA.
(A 100% or 50% discount may be available if you receive certain means tested benefits and/or your assets and/or income is below a certain threshold – we will assess this for you once instructed.)

Fee for ID check (if required)(per person) – £5.40 per person.