Employment Law

All costs are exclusive of disbursements and VAT which will be added at the appropriate current rate.

Our fees for Employment Law services for employees are as follows:

  1. Notify your employer of a grievance – £275.00.
    This includes:

    • A 45 minute appointment;
    • Reviewing documents;
    • Drafting a letter for you to provide to your employer.
  2. Appeal against a disciplinary outcome – £300.00.
    This includes:

    • A 45 minute appointment;
    • Reviewing documents;
    • Drafting an appeal letter for you to provide to your employer.
  3. Settlement Agreement advice- fixed fee of £500.00.
    Usually paid by your employer. The fixed fee applies only if (i) the financial package is agreed (ii) no advice is required on share options and (iii) no advice is required on restrictive covenants.
    This includes:

    • A 1 hour appointment;
    • Considering your Contract of Employment and proposed Settlement Agreement;
    • No more than two amendments to the proposed Settlement Agreement;
    • A Solicitor signing the required Certificate.
  4. Contract of Employment Advice – £300.
    If there are more than 2 restrictive covenants then the fixed fee is £500.00.
    This includes:

    • Considering your existing contract;
    • Providing you with written advice on terms, including enforceability of restrictive covenant(s).


  1. FEES
    An estimate of our fees for negotiating on behalf of clients and/or representing them in Employment Tribunal proceedings in respect of unfair or wrongful dismissal claims are as follows. These are estimated costs for bringing or defending claims, excluding VAT and any expenses that we incur on your behalf.

    The estimated costs are for work up to and including a 1 day main (merits) hearing:

    • Simple case: £5,000-£6,000
    • Medium complexity case: £6,000-£10,000
    • High complexity case: £10,000 – £15,000

    There will be an additional charge for us or Counsel representing you at the 1 day Tribunal Hearing of £1500.00 to £2,000 per day.

    The estimates set out above are provided on the following assumptions:

    • it is not necessary to participate in hearings before the main (merits) hearing, except for a single telephone case management discussion lasting up to 1 hour;
    • there are no preliminary issues to determine, for example deposit orders, submissions seeking strike out, jurisdictional points;
    • in cases involving disability, then disabled status is accepted and no expert evidence is required;
    • no aspect of the claim asserts personal injury;
    • the Employment Tribunal office hearing the case is in London or the Home Counties;
    • the main (merits) hearing lasts no longer than it is listed for – if it lasts longer or adjourns incomplete to resume at a later date, the case will require extra preparation and additional days of Tribunal attendance, which will increase costs;
    • remedy is determined entirely at the main hearing;
    • no cost applications need to be made or defended.
    • Taking instructions and reviewing the case papers;
    • Early conciliation and pre-claim negotiations;
    • Preparation and filing of claim (ET1) or defence (ET3) as well as reviewing the other party’s claim or defence;
    • Preparation of (if claiming), or consideration of (if defending), a schedule of loss;
    • Participation in any ACAS conciliation or other settlement discussions;
    • Disclosure by preparation and service of list of documents with copies;
    • Preparation of witness evidence by attending a witness meeting and drafting witness statements;
    • Agreeing and preparing a joint bundle of documents;
    • Preparation for hearing, including the preparation of any list of issues, chronology and submissions;
    • Employment Tribunal Hearing and remedy.

    Our price estimates are based on these key stages. If a case concludes without some of these stages being reached, for example, due to settlement, this may reduce the cost of the case.