Debt Recovery

All costs are exclusive of disbursements and VAT which will be added at the appropriate current rate.

Our fees the recovery of money due under a contract or invoice for debts up to £100,000 are as follows:

If a debtor files a defence or contests whether the debt is payable the claim will fall outside of the fixed fee scheme and any additional work required will be charged at a standard hourly rate of £250 per hour.

The fixed fees quoted are for a combined total not exceeding 5 letters, emails or telephone calls in each stage of work. Any additional communication, whether by telephone, email or post, will be chargeable on a time spent basis at our standard hourly rate.

Initial Instructions – £125
We will review all relevant paperwork which includes:

  • a copy of the invoice
  • a copy of the relevant contract
  • an accurate up to date statement of account (where applicable)
  • a copy of any correspondence/demands sent to the debtor regarding the debt

Letter Before Action – £100
If necessary and/or appropriate we will prepare and serve a letter before action on the debtor providing 7 days’ notice that proceedings will be issued in the County Court for non-payment.

Issue Debt Recovery Proceedings – £150
After the expiry of the 7 days Letter Before Action we will prepare the debt recovery proceedings for issue in the County Court. We will require payment of the current court issue fee before issuing the claim. Proceedings will be prepared (and costs incurred) but will not be issued until payment of the issue fee is received.

Obtain Judgment in Default / Receive Defence – £75
Following the issue of proceedings, if the debtor fails to respond within the time limits imposed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) we will immediately request Judgment in Default of the sum claimed together with any recoverable interest and legal costs.

If a defence is filed by the debtor we will notify you and confirm which County Court office your case will be dealt with. At this stage, the claim will cease to be included within the fixed fee scheme and any further costs will be charged at the standard hourly rate of £250 per hour.

Take Enforcement Action
If Judgment in Default is obtained we can take any of the following steps on your behalf to enforce payment:

  • Instruct a County Court Bailiff – £100
  • Instruct a High Court Enforcement Officer – £100
  • Apply for Attachment of Earnings Order – £250
  • Apply for a Charging Order – £300
  • Apply for Third Party Debt Order – £350
  • Apply for an Order Requiring Further Information from Debtor – £400

The disbursements to be incurred in enforcing any judgment will depend upon the method of enforcement pursued. We will advise you as to the most suitable option for enforcing a Judgment and confirm the costs and disbursements to be incurred before any further action is taken.